I found Dr Sohn by way of referral and chose to go to her because she had studied in the United States and spoke fluent English. Her living and studying in Boston gave me confidence that there wouldn't be any miscommunications. I have a regular dentist in Thailand that I use so I'm not opposed to seeking medical and dental care abroad and highly recommend it to Americans, but be sure to do your research.

I had been having some tooth pain for about a week and I didn't want it to get worse, so I went to the dentist just knowing that I needed a filing as soon as possible. I made an appointment with Dr Sohn's office and was able to communicate easily in English and get prompt responses to all of my questions. Her office is located right off of the Inchon subway on line #4 stop so it was very to locate even though I hadn't been able to find my way to many places successfully in Seoul at this point. 

Dr Sohn checked me out and told me that the pain in my tooth was phantom pain from a neighboring capped tooth and that I did not need a filling at all! She then checked all of my teeth and told me that I actually had a very small cavity on the opposite side and could use a filing there. I was greatful for her honesty and got the small cavity filled and had my teeth cleaned as well. I took a painkiller for the tooth that was orignally bothering and have been fine ever since. The whole service was painless and cost me $20 for the filing and $80 for the cleaning without insurance. If you have Korean insurance through your teaching job (which you should) then the would be sinifcantly cheaper. 

Dr Sohn is knowledgeable, personable and professional. I would highly recommend her services in Seoul.