Good Times in Seoul! 

May 25th was the Seoul Vegan Festival. As a vegetarian in South Korea I find it quite difficult to eat out here. Fruits and vegetables are not a big part of the Korean diet so I was excited to have a place where I could walk around and eat everything in sight.

I met up with some folks I met online in the Facebook Group Brothas & Sistas of South Korea because by this time I was in need of some melanin in my life. We had a great day hanging out at the festival which boasted a very diverse crowd. I had heard that the festival wasn't that great but to my surprise, the Seoul Vegan Festival was pretty awesome. 

There were plenty of vendors, however next time I'd get there earlier because the food from many vendors went quickly. I was able to patronize Loving Hut, my favorite vegan restaurant chain that I try to eat anytime I encounter them in the world. I also got introduced to Plant and we ended up heading to the restaurant after the festival.  Plant probably has some of the best vegan food I've ever had in my life and I seriously can't wait to go back there when I'm starving just to devour more food. If you're in Seoul you definitely want to check them out. 

There was not only food but vegan skin and hair products as well as fashions and accessories. We left as the live music was starting but the festival seems to be on it's way to success and I'd highly recommend checking it out. 

 Yummy dumpliings from Loving Hut 

Yummy dumpliings from Loving Hut