La Casa de la Artista is an immersion travel program which works with schools and organizations all over the world to provide free educational workshops in arts, English language, social emotional learning, agricultural, cultural awareness, exercise, yoga and wellness and sex education where allowed.  

Artists are provided with room and board and ten meals per week as well as possible opportunities for exhibition, performance and vending. Artists become part of a community of three to five artists (depending on location) and are encouraged to explore their new surroundings, network and create. For each week that they stay with us they must teach a minimum of ten hours of free youth programming. 

At La Casa de la Artista we strive to improve the lives of our artists by empowering them with the gift of travel. Experiencing the world through a different environment is one of the most productive things an artist can do for their career. We believe strongly in the role of the artist to inflict change upon a society and promote understanding and awareness. Unlike many "teach abroad programs" we encourage our artists to go home and invest in their communities by providing free community workshops at home as well. We help our artists to prepare lesson plans and create dynamic workshops. Our focus is education. Education of self and education of youth. 

 Each residency has a house manager that is available for your questions and to assist you during your stay. They cook your meals, clean your space, get you to and from the airport and provide you with any information you need while there. During your stay at La Casa de la Artista you are truly able to focus on creating, connecting and teaching. Our programming is not valued by your level of education completed or number of solo exhibitions. We are seeking artists that are going to go the extra mile and give back in schools, workshops, churches and community centers. We are also looking for artists that will use the time to focus and create while abroad. This is a time to focus on your work 100%. 

We work to assist our artists in career development, performances and exhibitions. For artists that are with us for one to three months we work to coordinate opportunities to exhibit, vend or perform while they are abroad as well. Each location is vastly different and has been chosen for its cultural attribute, educational need and safety. Tell us what you would like to accomplish during your residency and afterwards.